Live Stats & Video

Penn State Altoona offers live stats and live video for many home varsity sports. Live stats and video allow fans to follow along with sporting events on their computers or mobile devices when they aren't able to attend in person. Penn State Altoona currently utilizes a live stats setup through Statcrew/The Automated Scorebook system, while live video is streamed via YouTube.


Live stats and/or video of home events are currently offered for the following sports*:

-Men's and Women's Basketball: Live Stats  Live Video

-Men's and Women's Soccer: Live Stats  Live Video

-Men's and Women's Volleyball: Live Video


Additionally, live stats and/or live video are often available from other institutions when Penn State Altoona teams are competing on the road. These links will be posted to team schedules for fans to view.


*The ability to offer live stats and/or live video for home sports is contingent on internet access and signal strength. In the case of an internet outage or poor signal quality, live stats or video may not be offered for a sport.